{SOL - MON - UH}
In Spanish, sol means sun and hermana means sister; thus creating solmana. The solmana mantra is we are all sisters under the sun. Solmana is meant to bring my sisters one of a kind treasures, stories, and inspiration from around the world. 
The treasures are handmade by local artisans, totally unique, and have traveled near and far until they reach their final destination: you
May the collections bring a special love and light to your life from the journey and stories of solmana collection.   
Artisan Felicia & I at her selling stand in Costa Rica
Hi my sisters - I'm Natalie. There are two things that stay with me after traveling: the treasures and the friendships with the people I meet. These friendships have blossomed into working collaborations to support their passions + bring my sol sisters totally unique pieces. Each piece is full of life, love, stories, and culture. My dream is to have solmana treasures reach my sol sisters around the world. 
☼  ☼  ☼ 

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