what it means to be a sol sister

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warmer together by laura berger

warmer together by laura berger


Solmana is all about the sol sister bond with girls globally. Regardless of age, race, and background - we're all sisters under the sun and we have to always support, inspire, and give light to each other. 

Why? Because we're in this together


There's a power in girls supporting girls. This idea is encompassed in the phrases,"empowered women, empower women" and "her success is not my failure". Celebrating our successes, our failures, and everything in between brings us girls together and allows us to grow as one. 


Being from all corners of the globe, we all have unique stories to tell. We can learn from and be inspired by each other's passions, dreams, and character. Coming from various walks of life allows us to open our eyes and see the beautiful light in each of our souls. ☼


by laura berger


So, sol sisters, let's learn, love, and live blissfully under the sun together.



your sol sis ☼ natalie 

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