Taking the uncomfortable road

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"I challenge you to get uncomfortable, because that is the moment when you learn the most." - Rosa Sheng 


We live in a world where being "comfortable" is ideal. Comfortable lifestyle, relationship, job, you name it. It's cozy... Stress free. Unchallenging. But it's also stagnant and doesn't push us outside of our comfort zone.


I'm uncomfortable every day. As some of you know, I'm currently living in Pavones, Costa Rica. The language, environment, way of life, everything is different than my home state Florida. Whether it be not knowing how to say something in Spanish, going on a 6 mile hike, or simply trying a new recipe, I step outside of my comfort zone daily. And ya know what? I've realized these moments make me feel so alive. Being uncomfortable makes me learn and keeps me motivated. 


I think we should all take the uncomfortable road and push ourselves more... Experience little moments of newness, do something we'd never usually do, learn something outside of our norm. 


What do you think? Do you try to step outside of your comfort zone on the daily? 


your sol sis ☼ natalie 


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